The journal was founded in 2007. Until 2012 it was published under the name of «Vestnik of Mari State Technical University. Series «Economy and Management». From 2012, because of university renaming, it is called « Vestnik of Volga State University of Technology. Series «Economy and Management ». Is issued 4 times a year.

Founder and Publisher: Federal Budget State Educational Institution of Higher Vocational Training «Volga State University of Technology»

Certificate of registration ПИ № ФС77-51789 dated 23 November, 2012.

The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) database, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, and in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and editions for publishing the essential scientific results of the theses for the degrees of Candidate and Doctor of Sciences. Peer-reviewed by All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences (VINITI RAS)

The manuscripts, satisfying the following interests of the periodical, are welcome for publication:

  • managerial issues in social and economic systems;
  • economic theory;
  • economics and management of the national economy;
  • accounting, finance and credit.

Series “Economics and Management” includes the following subsections:

  • Management in Social and Economic Systems. Manuscripts on the study of social and economic systems, their genesis, formation, development, forecasting, theoretical and methodological principles, methods and ways of systems control as well as institutional and infrastructural aspects of economic systems development are accepted for publication.
  • Economic Theory. Manuscripts on revealing of sustainable, repeated events in socio-economic processes, their structural characteristics, peculiarities of functioning and trends for development of economic relations, explanation of the existing facts and the processes of socio-economic life on this basis, understanding and prediction of economic-political events; revealing and consideration of new as well as reconsideration well-known facts, processes and trends, characterizing formation, evolution and transformation of social and economic systems and institutions are accepted for publication.
  • Economics and Management of the National Economy. Environmental Economics. Manuscripts including the analysis of a diverse aspects to study economics and to manage national economy in different fields of activity, including: economy, organization and management of the enterprises, branches, complexes; innovation management; regional economics; logistics; labor economics; demographic economics; environmental economics; business economics; marketing; management; pricing; economic resilience; standardization and product quality control; land utilization; recreation and tourism are accepted for publication.
  • Accounting, Finance and Credit - researches and processes to implement the results of the researches in the field of finances, currency circulation and credit relations are accepted for publication.
  • Events - articles and brief overviews about the memorable dates, events, conferences, overviews of some topical issues as well as reviews for the research papers in field of economics are published.

The main purpose of the academic periodical is to provide an information platform for researchers in the field of management and economics. Particular attention is paid to publication of the results of theoretical, experimental, and analytical works, devoted to the following problems: development of economics, knowledge society, problems of education and science, social and economic aspects of information and communication technologies development.

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